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Could It Really Be This Easy To Lose Your Unwanted Body Fat & Tone Up Those Flabby Bits Forever?


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Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Active Health and Fitness Services.

Matt & Andrea ,

We were both tired and overweight.  We had tried joining a Gym but didn’t have the self-motivation to really get ourselves back into shape.

We joined Active Health and Fitness with personal trainer Keith Brown. Keith has tailored our training sessions to specifically suit our sporting interests (Motocross & Snowboarding) and health needs to ensure we got the best results.

As a result, we are now able to ride on the motocross track at 100% for WAY longer than our friends…they are all shocked when we are still going and they have to pull in for a rest.  We are both fitter and healthier than we have been in a long time, and we now also have the tools to be able to train and motivate ourselves to ensure we stay fit and healthy.


Fitcamp – Natasha ,

The Fitcamps run by Active Health and Fitness are ones that I would recommend to all – no matter their age or fitness level.

Each session is unique and is tailored to suit each individual’s needs and abilities. The session incorporate a mixture of weight work, cardio and resistance training.

In each of the sessions, both Kim and Keith share their knowledge and experience about exercise – why certain exercises are done, as well as sharing helpful nutritional information to help those who are wanting to lose some extra kilos.

I have completed 3 of the Fitcamps so far and have thoroughly enjoyed each of them and I can definitely say that I’ll be back for more!!

Sara ,

Exercising and eating right was not a priority for me 7 months ago. I found it hard being a shift worker and living on my own. So at the ripe old age of 21 I had considered myself overweight for my age and that I was just going to be bigger than my friends and I should just live with it. I was also a smoker, which brought along its own set of challenges.

I was beginning to hate my personality and lifestyle choices and realised I needed to fix myself up – quickly. I wanted to have the energy that I used to have a few years ago.

So I bit the bullet and met Kim to get the ball rolling. I have now been training for the last 7 months with Kim and I can hardly recognise myself. I can’t believe what I was like just a short time ago compared to how I look and feel now!

I train with Kim twice a week and now have the motivation to train on my own on the other days. My next big goal is to enjoy a full day of wakeboarding with my brand new board, instead of just managing one lap of the lake for the entire day and watching everybody else enjoy themselves.

Kim’s training has been full of encouragement, motivation and a lot of hard work! She focuses on what you want out of yourself physically and mentally and not only pushes you to your FULL potential but also teaches you about your body, what muscle groups you’re working and what to eat to help your body function.

I hope that you enjoy Kim’s training as much as I do, because I can promise you, you will get RESULTS!


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