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203 Malabar Rd, South Coogee NSW 2034

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Coastal Bodies are the only personal training business that guarantees results and offers mobile Personal training as well as 2 Professional Personal Training Studios. With Tertiary qualified Fitness Trainers we give first class service every time to all our clients in the Eastern Suburbs in Sydney.


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Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Coastal Bodies.

Carl Xu , Sydney CBD
When I made the transition from uni to full-time work in an office job, I gained 9kg that I just couldn’t lose. I had no time to exercise and my weight was getting out of control. Every week I noticed my clothes getting tighter and tighter and I had to buy a new suit every six months, progressively going up a size each time. The thought of getting a personal trainer never appealed to me because I thought they were reserved for gym junkies and I didn’t even like exercising at the gym! My previous fitness commitment took the form of a 12 month gym membership which I used about 4 times in total. If someone had told me this time last year that I would (or could) lose 26kg with the help of a personal trainer, I wouldn’t have believed them because I was sure that (a) my body type was not conducive to weight loss, and (b) I wouldn’t have the motivation. The first time I had ever considered personal training was when I met up with a friend who I noticed had lost about a quarter of his weight. I was both excited for him and disappointed to find out that his secret was personal training (with Dan), which I was sure I would hate and could not afford. But inspired by the result, I decided to try out session. To my surprise, personal training was nothing like I expected; in a good way. For a start, Dan was actually friendly and not the boot camp drill sergeant that I was afraid he would be. There was plenty of variety in the exercises that he had me do and I surprised myself with how much exercise I could do with a little variety and encouragement. Since then, I have trained with Dan once a week at lunch time and have gone from weighing 93kg to 67kg in just one year. Personal training has also given me the discipline to eat well because I don’t want to undo all that good work; so the effect is two-fold. It’s simply the best investment I have made in my health and looking back, I cannot believe how much money I wasted on “diet” supplements and useless infomercial fitness equipment. All I can say is, I couldn’t have done any of the above without Coastal Bodies.
Debby Dworkin , Maroubra
I always wanted to lose weight but was not really finding the right way to go about it and when I realized that it is more than a diet it really is a change in habits and lifestyle only then was I able to start setting up a good support network for myself as I wanted to be in an environment where I didn’t feel I was being judged. I found that with Coastal bodies. I needed to lose a lot of weight and change my bad eating habits and I knew it wasn’t just exercising that was going to help and that’s what I find to be so great with my trainer Emma, we discuss all topics from food to how the metabolism works, all while I am getting a great workout. She is always right there beside me helping and doing the exercise with me and the constant support and encouragement I get from Emma and Dan is above and beyond any other gym I have been to. Coastal Bodies is about living a healthy life (not just being fit) and that’s what I want too. When I started with Coastal Bodies I found it hard to do Cardio exercise – and now I have just done my first City 2 Surf and look forward to competing in the next Fun run coming up. I feel happy about living a healthy lifestyle but don’t get me wrong I still have challenges where I feel like breaking out and eating crap and it is a struggle, but the rewards I get from living well are too good to ruin. When I get to my goal weight I know I will be able to have those things in moderation, but for now I enjoy the ride and the pride it gives me to be fit and healthy and 18 kgs lighter.
Cain Beckett , Maroubra Beach
“I am a 25 year old professional who has been training with Coastal Bodies for 12 months. Before I started training I led a relatively inactive lifestyle, thought getting fit was all too hard and was generally unhealthy. I started training with Coastal Bodies because training one-on-one meant I could automatically conquer my two biggest hurdles to getting fit; commitment and embarrassment. Having a trainer waiting for you means you can’t skip a session and they develop programs which are achievable so you don’t look like a fool doing things which are so difficult that you just give up. I have now lost 44kgs which itself feels incredible, I am fit, I really enjoy training and I can now have a go at things, like fun runs and ocean swims, which once seemed impossible. I can’t begin to explain how it feels to be completely comfortable at the beach and to know you are genuinely ‘healthy’. I encourage everyone to see what Coastal Bodies can do for them, and to get all the information out of them that they can. They are a great bunch who genuinely cares about your health and fitness – a noticeable difference. If you have gone so far as to look up this website you clearly want to make a change in your life, and that change will only happen if you make an appointment for your first consultation. And at the end of the day, this first consultation is free, so you have nothing to lose”.



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