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59 Dora Street, Morisset NSW 2264

Also Services: Sydney, Newcastle & Hunter, and Gosford & Central Coast

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Stewart Levy - Foot Care Through Proper Footwear -We Heel Sick Soles..


4 Customer Reviews

Knows all about feet. Knows all about birkenstocks. Nice guy, funny.
My new shoes are great. I managed to walk from North Steyne to South Steyne and back on Saturday. This is quite an unbelievable improvement.
I would like to say that your service and particularly your knowledge of feet and foot problems is outstanding and I felt in good hands when I was referred to you. You took the time to understand my issues with a unique problem with my right foot being a 3cm hole in the sole of my right foot created by a plantar wart which had been x-rayed out when I was 12 years old (I am now 49). The issue is that the hole in my right foot keeps building up scar tissue and consequently this feels like I am walking on a small rock. In protecting my foot from the pain I have been compensating by clawing my toes and walking on other parts of my foot and this has been developing problems in other parts of my body (my left ribs had popped out) and my knees and bones in my right leg and hips were always sore at night. I have been wearing my new orthotics that Stewart designed for me for 8 months now and continue to see my podiatrist once a month to have the scar tissue parred away and she tells me the hole is getting smaller nowbecause the orthotics have taken the pressure off the area of concern. So thank you for your advise and great service. I can highly recommend you to anyone with foot problems.
I have been going to Stewart Levy for my daughters foot problems since January 2006. Stewart had been recommended to me by my Osteopath and I have been very happy with the service I have received from him. Stewart has shown himself to be a very experience and caring foot specialist and comfort is one of his key priorities. I often have conversations with mums at school regarding orthotics and many of them are very impressed with what I have to tell them regarding my daughters orthotics. The materials Stewart uses for her orthotics are comfortable and adaptable where many orthotics are very hard, inflexible and cant be modified. My daughter has had her orthotics successfully adjusted several times as she has grown and her needs have changed. I have also recently had my younger daughter have a check up with Stewart and we are going to keep an eye on her as she grows but she does not need orthotics at the present time. Stewart is conscious of the expense involved with shoe modification and I am confident that he does the best for me and my girls. Stewarts qualified, experienced and friendly approach is well worth the drive to see him. I would recommend Stewart to anyone, of any age, if they have any concerns regarding their feet.

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Our Team Profiles

Stewart Levy

Stewart Levy


Certified Pedorthist, Certified Medical Grade Footwear Practitioner, Orthotist


Since 1979 Stewart has been working in Australia and overseas, specialising in foot and ankle problems. A Certified Pedorthist, Certified Medical Grade Footwear Practitioner, Orthotist and is a leader in his field. He offers Orthotic Therapy for adults and children, Custom Modified Orthotics Built-into Sandals, Pedorthic Modification of Footwear, Customised Footwear and Footwear Education, As a service provider he is registered and recognised by Australian Health Funds and insurance companies cover his services and no referrals are necessary. Stewart’s experience, lateral thinking, skills and customer service attracts recommendations from GPs, Rheumatologists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Reflexologists, Podiatrists, Physiotherapists, and other health practitioners


Footwear Advice for Young Growing Feet.

Footwear Advice for Young Growing Feet.


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Custom Foot Australia & Birkenstock Clinic.

Michael Mulholland-Licht , BALGOWLAH
I see dozens of patients each year that have spent hundreds of dollars on orthotics that sit in the cupboard because they are painfully uncomfortable. "Many of my patients have enjoyed the benefits of orthotics from Stewart Levy at Custom Foot Australia. These hand made orthotic devices provide enough comfort as well as supportive correction to enable patient compliance. Often fine-tuning or gradual modification is made at subsequent consultations
Ian Chappell , Sydney
On the recommendation of Stewart Levy I began wearing Birkenstock shoes about four years ago. At the time I had been wearing orthotics in both my sports and street shoes for around twenty years to correct a spur problem in both heels. Stewart told me I wouldn’t need to wear orthotics in my streets shoes with Birkenstock and despite my skepticism his prediction has proved to be correct. Not long after that improvement in my footwear Stewart made up some orthotics for my Sports shoes which better reflected the problems I was having with my feet. I have now been wearing those orthotics for around two years and and they are much more practical than the old orthotics I was wearing. They are far more comfortable and durable and have helped correct a major problem I was having with my right foot. I am quite happy to recommend Stewart Levy for his expertise in Corrective Orthopaedic Footwear and Orthotic services.
Sir Ron Brierley ,

Pain and Aggravation Went Away

After many years of pain and aggravation with my hips and lower limbs searching for the person who knew how to heal my issues, I was referred to Stewart Levy for his Pedorthic and Orthotic services. He conducted a detailed assessment of the way I walk using this ink print device which I was very impressed with. After a few days he made a pair of orthotics which felt extremely supportive and very comfortable. My pain and aggravation went away within days of wearing these devices. I must say, he’s one brilliant Pedorthist. I would highly recommend anyone with any foot, knee and hip or leg problem to see Stewart.

Thanks again

Angry Anderson ,

Unquestionable Benefit

I met Stewart at a Rotary dinner, which is testament to his involvement in community affairs, I was the guest speaker, he came up to me after I had spoken an introduced himself, a meeting I shall never forget for several reasons, firstly because he is an interesting looking fellow and possessed of an imposing, impressive manner, his hand shake was firm, manly and genuinely warm which impressed me immediately, secondly it didn’t take him long to mention that he thought that I may be in need of his expertise, it was then that he told me of his profession, which indicated to me that he was a keen observer of all things feet.

Since then I have become a patient and friend, he is a joy of conversation and time spent with him is both entertaining and informative, to say he has changed my life, for the better, is no overstatement, he spent time and effort to bring about an unquestionable benefit into my life, the difference his work has made is undeniable and brings me great comfort, our chance meeting was very fortunate for me but as he and I have discussed during one of our conversations, on all matters philosophic, there is no such thing as chance. It was all meant to be. Stewart will always have my endorsement, as a trusted friend and as a gifted professional.




My Foot Has Completely Healed

I am writing to thank you for the excellent work you did for me in the construction of my Orthotics.  I was having a lot of trouble with one foot in particular and was recommended to you by my Chiropractor, Ric Howard.

Now after one year my foot has completely healed thanks to the support given by my orthotics which I wear all the time.

I would highly recommend Stewart levy and his expertise to anyone incurring similar problems.

Yours faithfully,

Jim Parker ,

Thinking of Getting Back into Golf

I called Stewart Archer my podiatrist and told him how pleased I was that he had recommended you and how successful your advice had been.

After two years, following breaking my leg, searching to find a solution to my shortened leg with orthopaedic surgeons, physiotherapists, podiatrists and chiropractors, I am very grateful for your practical and constructive advice.  The shoes are fine and I am thinking of getting back into golf so I am wondering whether you could do something with my golf shoes!

Again, many thanks.

Yours sincerely

Julia Thompson ,

I am now able to stand all day when required to at work and can walk around without any hip or lower back pain.

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my orthotics that you have made for me. Twelve months down the track now and I’m never without them. I am now able to stand all day when required to at work and can walk around without any hip or lower back pain. They are comfortable and fit into most of my suitable shoes. Thanks for keeping a check on me, everything is great and well worth the investment for happy feet!

See you soon,

Richard Harper ,

Professional approach and caring attitude with strong after provision service has been a pleasure to receive.

In my experience, Mr. Stewart Levy is an excellent Medical Grade Footwear Practitioner, who has my unqualified recommendation. I went to him following foot surgery for orthotics and the result first time was perfect. I have been wearing the orthotics for the last 2 years and they have done the job as I am pain free and can walk freely over long distances ( 12 Km plus) with no after effects. Mr Levy’s professional approach and caring attitude with strong after provision service has been a pleasure to receive.

Julie Evans- Customer Service Administrator ,

I have noticed a huge difference in how my feet feel

Hi Stewart, Just a quick email to let you know how much the orthotics you made have helped over the past 3 months. Since wearing them, I have noticed a huge difference in how my feet feel and recently this was highlighted when I forgot to take them on holidays with me for 2 weeks. I couldn’t believe how much my feel would ache at the end of the day. When I returned home I couldn’t put them in my shoes fast enough. Thank you for all your help with making them and I look forward to seeing you again soon.

Delma M. Latimer , Northern Beaches
Mr Stewart Levy, of Sydney’s Northern Beaches, NSW, has been modifying shoes for me for around three years. For many people with pedorthic needs the cost of custom made shoes/boots is prohibitive and availability almost non-existent. Mr Levy provides a much needed service in a field with too few pedorthists of his calibre. The professionalism that he exhibits is outstanding and his knowledge of his craft is extensive. I have a skeletal problem caused by a leg length difference of 7cm which caused severe back and joint pain. Mr Levy’s comprehension of my problem has greatly alleviated by suffering, and his services are invaluable to me.
Ghislaine Bouskila , Northern Beaches
My 3 children have flat foot. I have been taking them to see Stewart for the last 5 years on the recommendation of my osteopath. Stewart has not only educated them on taking care & responsibility for the shoes they wear, (with 3 teenagers it has been quite a humorous exercise!) but he has avoided for them the fatigue, pain and backaches that comes with having flat feet and being active. Their feet are no longer flat and they have been able to participate in their favourite sports without pain. As children always know what is good for them, they never go without wearing their orthotic insoles. Thank you Stewart for your expertise and professionalism.
Sue Wilson , Central Coast. N.S.W.
Stewart Levy has been making my shoes and orthotics, and modifying my built up shoes over a period of 5 years. During this time, I have found him to be very understanding and helpful. He has been a forward lateral thinker with suggestions and ideas he has, in continually improving my lifestyle in the way I walk. I have congenital deformities of the foot and leg, and Stewart has always been very helpful. I find him to be a very honest, sincere and diligent man and would not hesitate in referring any of my friends to him.

Frequently Asked Questions

PW Minor (Ultimate Fit & Ease)

PW Minor footwear comes in 9 different widths and depths. It is available in velcro, lace, or buckle fastening. The shoes are specially designed to accommodate a foot in need of extra support.

The styles feature padded lining, tongue and collar and firm heel counters for stability. They are made from breathable, natural fabrics and have durable, flexible soles. They are particularly suitable for the Diabetic and Arthritic foot.

Gadean Footwear (Shaped To Fit Shoes)

Gadean Footwear are custom made to accommodate feet of differing length or width. They provide relief from problems such as claw toes, bunions, deformity, disability or the need to accommodate an orthotic device. Stewart uses a Digital E-Foot Measuring System to provide a threedimensional measurement of your foot. Footwear is then made to the exact specifications. Prescribed shaped to fit footwear come in shoes, boots and sandals.

A summer range of sandals with velcro or buckle fastening is also available off the shelf and has an inner sole support system already built into the sandal.

Xsensible Shoes (Stable & Feather Light)

Xsensible shoes follow the shape of the foot rather than force the foot to conform to the shoe. Stretchable breathable materials of neoprene and leather give the look of a traditional shoe with the added benefit of protecting toes,joints and bones from pressure.

They are easy to maintain and come in velcro or lace fastenings. The Xsensible design promote a natural pattern of walking and can benefit many conditions, including Hammer Toes, Claw Toes, Arthritis, Bunions, and Sensitive Feet.

Aetrex Sports Performance

The first athletic sports shoe line to combine the latest developments in the field of biomechanics with the state of the art design. Aetrex have created a stylish new range of athletic shoes that equally distributes pressure while walking, running or exercising. Velcro and lace fastening, three (3) widths, medium, wide and extra wide fittings and three (3) depths for Orthotics.

Features of Aetrex

  • High density wrap around external heel counter for stability.
  • Removable patented anti-shock orthotic support for shock absorption.
  • Additional ’undersole’ layer for customised fit.
  • Highly cushioned offset heel reduces stress on the rear foot.
  • Carboplast footbridge provides motion control and lessens pronation.
  • Smooth inner lining to avoid irritation and injury.
  • Moisture transfer mesh upper helps keep feet healthy, cool and dry.
  • High, wide toe box for forefoot comfort and biomechanical efficiency.
  • Biomechanically engineered, dual density midsole stabilises foot, heel to toe.
  • Highly slip resistant outsole provides traction and durability.
Finn Comfort

Finn Comfort (Comfort - Support - Style)

Comfort, support and good-looking footwear is what the Finn Comfort range of shoes offer your feet. Summer sandals or shoes and winter styles are all made of quality materials that ensure your feet will enjoy the ultimate relief from everyday strain, discomfort and over activity.

A large range of men’s and women’s styles to choose from provide narrow, medium and wide fits. Fastenings are available in velcro, buckle or lace and all the footwear have two pairs of removable insoles, one for everyday comfort and one for reflex zoning to help circulation. The Finn Comfort range also includes styles for sensitive feet and accommodates
many foot problems.

What are Birkenstocks?

Birkenstock (Nature Under Your Feet)

Birkenstock Softbed Sandals feature a therapeutic latex footbed built into the sandal. They have arch and metatarsal support, toe grip and shock absorbing soles. Wear them as a summer alternative to orthotics or have them fully modified by Stewart with a customised built in orthotic shaped for maximum support in the summer months.

The sandals come in narrow and wide fittings and sizes 35 to 48. All modifications can be claimed through health funds.


54 McLean Street, Ingleside 2 2101
20 Brigantine Street, Byron Bay 2 2481



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