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PO Box 483, Gawler SA 5118

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If your goals include losing inches, burning fat, toning up, building muscle, increasing, your fitness, looking & feeling fantastic while having fun, then FIT FIX is your answer


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Adam Fowler

Adam Fowler




Adam started F!T F!X over 3 years ago. He is now looking for team members to help him grow and spread the fitness message.


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Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by FIT FIX Personal Training Gawler.

Jason Clark , Gawler
Working in a trade as an electrician I rely on Adam to keep me in good physical conditioning. Before asking for Adam’s help I struggled walking to the top of flight of stairs without puffing & always struggled lifting motors & cable drums. Now with Sunday F!T F!X & PT’s I can easily perform to the best of my ability at work & I believe that work has realised this & am gaining more work & responsibility. Lately I have undertaken drinking Vitalstrength Ripped, a Protein Shake on his instruction because I was having trouble with muscle soreness. Since taking this drink I can now perform harder during the session & also I have majorly reduced muscle soreness. An added bonus to the protein shake is my wife has noticed that I am a lot more toned across my chest & arms
Brent Matthews , Gawler
F!T F!X is Fantastic, Adam is a great role model & really pushes you to go beyond your limits. Prior to joining this I thought I was fit but this has really shown me how unfit & unhealthy I was. It has helped me to loose 17kgs & I now feel wonderful. For someone like me who hates the gym, it has really benefited me as it is structured or all fitness levels. Every session is fun & different, & you can meet some really cool people too. I actually find myself wanting to workout all the time, I cant wait to get there…..
Christine Cameron , Kersbrook
I have been attending Adam’s F!T F!X Sunday Sessions for a little while now & find it an excellent way to exercise. Being a mum with two little children it’s hard to find time for your self let alone exercise, the Sunday sessions have been perfect for me. Its great to be outdoors, rain, hail or shine getting a great workout. Each session is never dull or boring but always physically & mentally challenging, Adam is a constant source of encouragement, telling me to believe in my ability & always to push harder. Since starting with F!T F!X Sessions I have found my core stability, strength & overall cardio has improved, each session leaves me feeling energised & looking forward to the next. Adam has an amazing energy & attitude towards fitness & life in general, he is extremely motivating. F!T F!X Sunday Fitness Sessions is a great way to exercise, catering for all fitness levels, working out with a great group of people with an excellent trainer, seriously what more could you want!!
Kimberly Stubing , Evanston
When I first met Adam on my first day at Bootcamp I could not even run 500mtr, barely managed to do 3 push ups from my toes, 5 sit ups & had to find a bush at the end of the session to be sick. I was ashamed at how unfit I was – I’m sure Adam didn’t think he would see me back at Bootcamp let alone signing up to personal training sessions – he was eager to take me on board & excited to help me on my journey to the new me. Adam has been training me for just over 12 months now & I am stronger, faster, fitter, happier & 14.5kg lighter. It is fair to say that thanks to Adams encouragement & expertise I love exercising now & do Bootcamp under the instruction of Adam 3 times a week, a personal training session as well as his fantastic Sunday F!T F!X session. To aid in my recovery Adam recommended I use Vitalstrength Define & I have definitely noticed a positive result in my recovery since using it. Every training session with Adam is a total body work out, it is hard work but it is always fun & Adam is always right there encouraging you to get that next rep or get that little bit deeper. Adam is extremely knowledgeable & creative with his sessions & I can honestly say I have never done the same session twice. It is so obvious that fitness is Adams obsession – it’s what he lives for & it’s this reason combined with his genuine care & dedication to his clients & his passion for their success that people go to him, it is also how they achieve goals & results they never dreamed possible. I have no hesitation recommending him because without Adam, I wouldn’t be where I am today – fit happy & healthy
Deanne Clar , Hewitt
As I started playing netball again after having a couple of seasons off I noticed how much my fitness level had decreased & decided that I needed to do something about it. Since I have been doing personal training sessions with Adam, I have seen an immense improvement in my overall fitness. At the beginning it was mainly my cardio that I wanted to increase, and as this started to improve Adam was able to identify other key areas that I needed to strengthen to help me get to the level of fitness I desired. Every session I do is unique and designed specifically to help me achieve my personal fitness goals by challenging me & pushing me to a point beyond what I thought my body was capable of, which is what I enjoy about it. Adam is excellent at motivating & encouraging you so that leave each session feeling one step closer to achieving that goal. So it doesn’t matter how big or how small your goal is, I would highly recommend giving Adam a call to let him help you achieve the results you thought were never possible.
Kate Greenfield , Gawler East
I do Adam’s F!T F!X sessions on Sunday mornings & have to say I never thought I would enjoy getting out of bed and working out on a Sunday – but to be honest, I really look forward to these sessions & not only do I enjoy the workouts, I also really love meeting new people & catching up with Adam’s other clients on a regular basis. I used to be very dedicated to my gym workouts, but over the last year I started to get bored & so when Adam began his Sunday sessions, I went along & was pleasantly surprised. Each week Adam provides a different challenge & tailors the workouts for any fitness level, no one feels left out or intimidated to go along & join in – there is something for beginners right through to fitness fanatics. The Sunday sessions are lots of fun, everyone who goes is very supportive of each other & Adam is always there to encourage you to push a little harder. The Sunday sessions have really started to pay off for me as I am now fitter, can run faster (which is something I have been working on) & not only have I noticed my body shape change, but my work colleagues have too. I have toned up in a number of areas that really used to bother me & feel great about the way I look. I always leave the sessions feeling alive & energised. Adam is a great trainer. He is experienced, knowledgeable & has the ability to make his clients feel at ease with his friendly nature, passion for his profession & dedication to getting his clients results.
Melinda Pfeiffer , Taunda
Being a naturopath, I know how important exercise is to all aspects of health, however, I struggled to find something which I enjoyed & kept me motivated. One of my clients recommended that I try Bootcamp, instructed by Adam. I found this very different to anything I had tried & the fun sessions kept me motivated. After 6 months of this, I was amazed with how my fitness level had changed but still struggled with upper body strength. I blamed this on genetics, but decided to start personal training sessions with Adam to really target this area. During his sessions, I have found myself doing things that I never thought would be possible, & in the past would have seen as crazy! Thanks to him, I can now say that exercise is enjoyable & rewarding. I can now do push ups from my toes which in the past was not possible. It hasn’t been easy & I still have more goals which I want to achieve, but so far it has been worth it. Exercise is essential for achieving overall health, so with this in mind, I recommend Adam & his Sunday sessions to many of my clients. He is professional & can work with all fitness levels. I personally use the Vital Strength range of supplements to get the most out of what I am doing & help with recovery. Since doing regular exercise, I am much happier & have received many compliments about my new body shape!

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