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3 Customer Reviews

Emma has helped me transform my life. As someone who never believed I "needed" to exercise, I was probably a tough nut for her to crack. But Emma persevered with me, and gradually changed my mindset from exercise being something one "needs" to do, to something I WANT to do.
I had tried a few trainers before I was introduced to Emma. I was immediately drawn to how personable and relatable she is, as well as her encouraging style of training. I have responded well to Emma's training and I achieved my results. I would recommend Emma to any of my friends and family.
Having struggled with weight issues over the last few years, and needing somewhere that was prepared to work with me to achieve my weight and fitness goals, I found Love PT and Pilates to be the most value-for-money, friendly and motivational. In particular, I found Emma's motivation and enthusiasm a major factor in helping me achieve my goals and ending the 'couch potato' existence which I had previously led. I strongly recommend Love PT and Pilates to any time-poor professional in the Inner West or indeed anyone looking to lose weight and / or increase fitness in a highly motivated and personalised environment.

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Emma Love

Emma Love


Head Trainer, Boot Camps Australia HQ



  • Master certificate in Personal Training
  • Certificate III & IV in Personal Training
  • Certificate in Fundamental & Internediate Pilates
  • Diploma in Business Management & Human Resources
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  • Nutrition, Personal Trainers, Pilates
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Satisfied Customer ,

“It’s been great working with Emma who’s helped me loose the last 5kg that I thought were impossible to shed and I have been with her for 10 months now and never thought I would look and feel the way I do.”

Satisfied Customer ,

Motivation is essential and Emma is a master at motivating me, even in the middle of winter. Now I don’t have to work as hard for my summer body!

Satisfied Customer ,

“A food diary was essential as it really made me accountable and realise more what I ate during the day. Emma also showed me that some things really are not that healthy, even when you kid yourself they are.”

Satisfied Customer ,

“Every session is different, which keeps it fun.”

Satisfied Customer ,

“Each session we work hard but only for a short period of time, which means I can work out and still manage a full time job and a small family.”


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