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Mt Pleasant Road, Highton VIC 3216

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PFC Active Weight Loss Solutions specialises in Health Consultants, Health Education, and Health Supplements and is located in Highton, VIC.


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My partner & I started with Dale & PFC in December. I had tried heaps of other ways to lose weight & get fit but nothing would work. I used to experience a drop in blood sugar & my Dr said that I was on my way to developing type 2 diabetes. With Dale's help & the use of HealthPointe, I have lost over 15kgs & over 90cm's. My life has changed dramatically. I feel healthier, fitter, more energetic & no longer have the drops in blood sugar. I also have dropped a dress size which has done wonders for my confidence. I would highly recommend Dale & PFC to anyone who feels they need a change & a healthier way of life; be it fitness, weight loss or both! He is encouraging, dedicated & passionate about helping people change their lives for the better.

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