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4/6 Blackwattle Parade, Padbury WA 6025

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Business Overview

Health and fitness sculptured to you - regarless of your age or current fitness level. Sculpture Personal Training Clients gain improved health, including better management of chronic disease, weight loss, better concentration and mental alertness, make new friends through the many social events, and participate in life more with a new vitality and enthusiasm. We also specialise in rehabilation, pre & post natal training as well as injury management as well as sports specific training.


1 Customer Review

I have been trying to get fit and lose weight for a while without much success, then my friend recommended me to sculpture and my results were well beyond my expectations... at the beginning i was skeptical of personal training and thought I could do anything they could but I was very wrong... i definitely recommend sculpture for everyone at any level of fitness

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Our Team Profiles




Senior Trainer


Previously quite svelte in build, Jono has a special interest, and relate-ability in Muscle Building Training. Jono lives by what he teaches his clients – without compromise: He once brought a protein shake to a Halloween Party! He is a true inspiration with his dedication and his attitude. Jono is un-intimidating and relaxed, with the cheekiest sense of humou




Personal Trainer & Future Exercise Physiologist


Rhiannon is very passionate about exercise and health and enjoys helping people to achieve their desired fitness goals. Ever since her first dance class at 4 years old, she knew she loved sport and exercise. She competed in dance competitions for 14 consecutive years and taught classes at various dancing schools, primary schools and high schools. As well as dancing Rhiannon was involved in little athletics from the age of 7 where she was a state runner and competed for WA. From years 4 through to year 12 she received champion girl and also won awards for interschool carnivals. Rhiannon has always loved sports and knew that she wanted a career involving health and fitness so at the end of high school she completed her Certificate III and IV in Fitness and Master Trainer. After working as a personal trainer she decided to go back to studying to further her knowledge. Currently she is in her second year at ECU where she is majoring in Exercise and Sports Science, and a minor in Nutrition.


Amer "AK" Khan


Manager/ Principal Trainer


AK founded Sculpture Personal Training in 2008 with the desire to be different from other fitness and personal training centres - a desire to put people, both his clients and staff first - and above everything


The Sculpture Difference

Health Benefits

We Sell Healthy Snacks !

Healthy, Natural & Delicious Snacks Avialable!

2011 Fitness Australia Awards

LOCAL BUSINESS NAMED WA WINNER IN 2011 AUSTRALIAN HEALTH AND FITNESS INDUSTRY AWARDS Local fitness business, Sculpture Training Studio of Padbury, has been named as the WA winner of Personal Training Business of the Year


Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Sculpture Personal Training.

Current Clients ,
Who wouldve thought that getting up at 5am would be something to look forward to? Thanks AK for the motivation to do it. The gym is fully equipped with state of the art training equipment and AK's knowledge and expertise is unsurpassed. Each session is well planned and specifically designed to fit each clients individual needs and wants. Thanks AK for the results achieved so far and for making each session something to look forward to...and for the many laughs along the way!!!! Jan Sculpture Persional training has completely changed my views of staying fit and healthy, AK and his staff make working out as enjoyable as possible, and along with their expert training and nutrition pointers, i am getting closer and closer to my fitness goals. The personal environment of the gym makes it an absolute pleasure to train at. Thanks so much for all the help AK and JonnoB 0 out of 0 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes - No - Flag as inappropriate AK and his staff are always very friendly and welcoming. It's the first time I've actually enjoyed going to the gym. I've learnt a lot about diet and exercise and am feeling fitter and stronger. The facilities are great and I would recommend it to anyone. Felicity 0 out of 0 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes - No - Flag as inappropriate Joining Sculpture Personal Training was a life changing decission for me. 18 months ago I was woking 70+ hours a week 6 days a week. Diet was terrible living on fast foods and coke ( the soft drink lol ). All this led to me ending up in Hospital with chest pains. The most frightening experience of my life. This warning made me re evaluate my whole life. With the support and advice from AK I have changed my diet and have been training twice a week and have never been fitter and stronger in body and mind. Thank you AK and John for all your support in changing my lifestyle. You certainly put the PERSONAL in Personal Training. 0 out of 0 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes - No - Flag as inappropriate AK and the team are always friendly and approachable and really listen to what you want to get out of your fitness training. They specifically look after your needs rather than a one method fits all approach, and this personal difference I believe sets them apart from your regular gyms. Their class workouts are also great and there is a good variety on offer to suit everyone. Its a gym you actually want to go to , isnt a chore and I recommend it to anyone wanting improve their fitness levels and have fun doing it. I love Sculpture PT. AK and team really look after their members like family. It's different to other gyms and the difference makes it a million times better. The community feel and truly personalised service make the biggest difference. I regularly attend the circuit classes and look forward to them every time. I have done the branded programs at other gyms and they don't compare. AK is very knowledgeable and very professional. I wish I had come across these guys earlier. Exercising is FUN again AK and his team are friendly and supportive with your goals in fitness. The equipment is top of the line, which matches AK's approach to training. You are made to feel a part of something more than just training, it is like a family. I would recommend this to anyone in the Northern suburbs. Better way to train than in a standard GYM. John The Crew at Sculpture Personal Training have changed my life! At the start of 2011 I weighed 138kg, I felt terrible all the time and my work was suffering. I've tried in the past to diet and get fit but never found the right solution. AK and his staff have provided the perfect combination of training, encouragement and diet advice. I'm now 5 months in to my training plan and I've lost 18kg, at a steady rate of about 1kg per week, which is perfect. The atmosphere at Sculpture Personal Training is great - AK and the staff are happy, chatty and always keen to discuss training and diet issues. I really look forward to going training twice a week and seeing the weight come down. Thanks AK for all your help! SAVED!!! I was facing having to sell my Carpet Cleaning business. A chronic lower back injury would leave me in so much pain at the end of each day that I could barely walk. The mornings were crippling, trying to get out of bed would bring tears to my eyes. After being referred to many Doctors, Specialists, Neurosurgeons, Physio's Chiro's and Gyms I had given up. It was surgery and sell up !! Then came AK and his Sculpture Fitness Studio. We have been training for 6 months and my pain level has diminished to less than 15% . Yep thats right thats an 85% improvement!!! I have also been able to slowly stop using the antideppressants and pain killers that the doctors had me on a high dose of.. Its an incredible turn around for me and ... No longer a tired shift worker! Since starting shift work lethargy management, motivation and healthy eating became even more difficult for me. I began to gain weight, achieve less and become more and more tired. Since joining Sculpture Personal Training - doing 3 classes a week in between shifts, and following a diet specifically tailored for shift workers - with real food, I now have more energy - even during a night shift, more motivation, better concentration and have been able to drop weight and maintain that loss!!! I'll never look back!! After putting on 30kg during pregnancy and having a HUGE change of life.... I found myself in a deep rut, suffering badly from depression and anxiety. I have jumped from gym to gym and gone on and off diets for 3 years, with antidepressants undoing the small results I had achieved. Since joining Sculpture PT in January, I have ditched the meds, dropped clothing sizes and feel amazing!! I LOVE hearing compliments and comments on the 'change' in me and my confidence and self esteem has skyrocketed!!! My 3 year old son loves going to 'AKs gym' as he has a special area to play, draw or watch a movie... and he's become an exercise fanatic too!!! Thankyou AK, you are amazing!!!! Fun and Friendly + Amazing Results! What more could you ask for?‎ I have been coming to see Amer (AK) at Sculpture Personal Training for a few weeks now, and I have been absolutely blown away with how much I am enjoying exercising, and I can honestly say I will never go to another gym in my life. Being a female, I have always felt extremely intimidated by the thought of even just being in a unisex gym, let alone actually working up a sweat and exercising around men. But the environment that AK and the rest of the team at Sculpture strive to maintain, and the friendly, professional manner that they have towards clients' needs really makes me feel 100% comfortable. And on top of all the fun and friendly people that I have met, I also dropped just over 2 kilos in the first week and have always had constant support and encouragement. All in all, Sculpture is the best gym I have ever come to and I encourage everyone to come down and check it out for yourselves... you won't be disappointed :) Great Training & Good Advice I have been training with AK at Sculpture Personal training for over 12 months. AK has a good sound knowledge of all aspects of strength and fitness training as well as advice on nutrition. Every session is motivating and I feel that i am getting fitter and stronger evey week. Compared to other gyms, Sculpture Personal Training has a much more friendly atmosphere than other gyms. I will be going for my Black Belt in taekwondo in September and Ak has helped me gain strength through weight training and fitness classes for me to be able to prepare for this exam. Get fitter, stronger, better - Today!! Call AK! Excellence in Personal Training‎‎ I have been to several other gyms in the past and got tired of the clinical approach to training, as a a result i stopped training altogether. My weight increased to 130kg's but from march i've dropped over 20kg's thanks to AKs expertise in a variety of training methods and most importantly a completely new diet and outlook on life! As a result i have enrolled into Cert III in Fitness at TAFE and have regained my passion for health and fitness!!! Thanks Amer Best classes ever! I have been to a few other gyms and have tried all different types of training and the boxing class was the most fun ive ever had while training and still getting an awesome workout. Thanks Declan ;-) 0 out of 0 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful? Yes - No - Flag as inappropriate Great Personal Training Highly recommend this gym and the personal training. Especially for mums and older women - can take your little one with you. Very supportive of your personal needs. Excellent Gym Outstanding Experience


weight loss, clean, efficacy, chronic disease management, community orientated, high quality, diabetes, comfortable, new, oesteoporosis

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