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Unit 18a Commercial Centre Drv, Behind Pizza Hut, Woodvale WA 6026

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Business Overview

UB Personal Training is a PT Studio, where you train with a trainer every session. We offer 1 trainer, 1 client sessions OR 1 trainer, 2 clients sessions. Our sessions include (based on your preference): weight training, cardiovascular conditioning, pre/post natal, sports specific training, core stabilization training, boxing, rehab.


2 Customer Reviews

Good set up, the guys know what they're doing - just a pity neither can grow a decent beard...
It will be my 9th Session this coming Monday, and for the first time in ages I feel alive! Bring on the energy levels, who knew working out could give you more energy! Woot Woot!

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Our Team Profiles

Mark Henderson

Mark Henderson


Personal Trainer/ Accredited Rehab Trainer


I’m accredited in certificate 3 & 4 in fitness, and have been a client at UB personal training for over 2 years. After being overweight and losing 17 kilos , I chose to become a PT to further my education and to help others achieve the same goal that I achieved at this gym. I’m a keen golfer and a huge AFL supporter.

Josh Malatesta

Josh Malatesta


Head Trainer


After completing Cert 3 & 4 in fitness at West Coast TAFE straight from school I have been with UB for over 4 years now. I chose PT for a career after being overweight and losing 15kg from educating myself how to do so with correct cardio and resistance training along with addressing my diet. I’m currently playing state league baseball for Perth baseball club and enjoy bodyboarding, weight training and beach running.

Tony Arnold

Tony Arnold


Studio Owner/Accredited Rehab Trainer


I have trained for over 28 years in various sports including several martial arts, boxing, kick boxing, swimming, running and bodybuilding. I came here from the UK appx 5years ago and decided to turn a serious hobby into a career. I have a wealth of knowledge from years of training, keeping fit and enjoy sharing that with clients through the studio.


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Ian Culverwell , Madeley
I have been Training three times a week for the past eleven weeks at UB Personal Training, and in that time i have lost 21kg. I have gone from an unhealthy 107kg to an active 86kg. With the nutrition advice tony has given me and the training i have received from Mark and Josh, I feel like a new person. My whole experience at UB Personal Training has been very enjoyable. I find the team professional, Informative, Willing to address any injury's and most of all friendly and approachable
Mel May , Kingsley
To Tony & all the boys at UB Pt studio I have to say a big THANK YOU to you all for everything you have done to get me back into shape after having Lily (my latest child) Tony, you of all people knew how crappy I felt, physically and mentally and how stressed I was about gaining 30kg during my pregnancy. To lose all of that weight with two children in tow felt like an insurmountable task!! But WOW! I’m back to an all-time low & healthy weight and completed a 21km half-marathon in 2hrs 8 min all within 6 months of re-commencing my training at UB. More recently I just ran the Rottnest marathon with Mark, one of the trainers there. Thank you for all your help Mark. Your patience and understanding, knowledge and expertise, encouragement & support.......did I mention patience??..... kept me motivated and determined to reach my goals. You really believed in me and encouraged me to stay on track and push through the hard times. The gym is such a positive, comfortable and supportive environment for anyone trying to get into shape. I thank you, my husband thanks you (a lot) and my kids thank you for enabling me to ‘get back to myself’ and make me the happy, relaxed and confident wife and Mother I want to be. UB is a truly unique gym that really cares about clients & that they achieve their goals in a healthy way. I feel privileged to be part of the UB family!! Melissa
Sonja Overstone , Kingsley
Hi, I am 38 and have two children aged 13 and 10. This was the year I finally decided to do something for myself as I was fast approaching 40. I have been training at UB pt studio for about 18 months and I felt that I was at a stage where I could start pushing myself harder. Under the guidance of Tony Arnold and my trainer Josh Malatesta I took on a 12 weeks program to reduce my body fat in a manner that was safe and retained my strength and gains that I had worked so hard for. The program included a strict eating plan. It was not a case of not eating a lot but eating healthy and changing my eating patterns to suit the training and what I was trying to achieve. I had been surviving on a pretty healthy diet prior to this with a few added sugar loaded chocolate bars and maltesers (which are my favourite). My sugar levels were all over the place and therefore making me tired all the time. When I first started I dragged myself out of bed for that early morning cardio session on my bike, coffee in one hand and the TV remote in the other trying to be quiet and not wake everyone else in the house. After twelve weeks of doing this almost every day and sometimes again in the evening I now talk to my bike like it is part of the family. To complete this program I had to be very strong willed and not let other people sabotage me into not meeting my goal. In these 12 weeks I had a few occasions which were not going to stand in my way including my Birthday, going to Tasmania and a Ball at the Burswood Casino. My main goal was to set myself a reward at the end of the 12 weeks which was a wedding in Bali (not mine) but a wedding where I would be able to go and shop for a new dress. For those who know me I love to shop, oh! and maybe some more maltesers! I never felt like I was doing this alone as I had a huge support network which included my Husband, the ladies at the gym and my trainers. Tony Arnold kept saying to me near the beginning ‘remember, 12 weeks is not forever’ and this stuck with me all the way through. After completing the program I have never felt stronger. I have lost 4.5kg and 10.5% body fat. It has taught me a lot about diet and exercise and I have reached my first goal before I turn 40. I now feel as though i can achieve anything I dream for. For the first time in a long time I am happy with myself. I am finally comfortable in my own skin and I love life!! My word of advice to anyone wanting to do this is anything is possible if you really want it AND NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!
Dawn Bone , Kingsley
I look forward to my boxing sessions so much, not so much for the fitness benefits, but as a release from the daily stresses of caring for a child with special needs. My family and friends have all noticed how much calmer and happier I am since I started my regular boxing/gym sessions. Love it! Dawn
Elsie Antunovich , Landsdale
As an older Mum with two children I have developed fitness and stamina to help me keep up with my kids and most younger Mums. I have lost 8 kg and reduced my cholesterol from 5.3 to 4.5. I love all aspects of the training but in particular the boxing. Thank you to everyone at UB Elsie
Sue Kirk , Woodvale
I would just like to say a big thank you for all the time and training you have given me in this last 4 months - I have lost a total of 6 kilos (went from 58 kgs down to 52 kgs) and 2 inches all round. I feel great, fit and healthy! ( I’ll let my daughters be the judge of how I look when I go back to the UK on Saturday). I’ve trained many times over the years but have never got real results until now. You and your team come highly recommended - I will try not over indulge while on my holidays and shall think of you when I go to eat that cream cake - Thanks - Sue
Janelle Heffer , Kingsley
“I had an easy 2hr birth” “My abs have never felt so strong” Being an avid gym junkie for most of my life when I fell pregnant with my 1st daughter Memphis I listened to all medical advice I was given at the time and gave up exercising. Though I didn’t put on a lot of weight during the pregnancy what I did find was that it never came off as quick as I expected it to. Once Memphis had turned 7 months I knew it was time to get back into shape and decided the only way to do it was to resume training at my chosen personal training studio/UB . I started back 3 days a week and within 3 weeks was explaining to Josh and Tony that we were now expecting baby number 2!! (I know, we had no TV at home) Desperate not to put on any weight I spoke to the boys about continuing my training, they were both great explaining to me that they were willing to help me but I had to follow their guidance and do it their way under strict supervision. I had my 1st visit with my obstetrician when I was nearly 5 months pregnant and told him I had been doing resistance training and kickboxing throughout this period, he was a little hesitant but happy that I was motivated enough to stay healthy and fit for both myself but more importantly our little baby. I continued training throughout the entire 9 months having my last kickboxing (modified) session two weeks before Madden, our little man, was due and did my last resistance training the day before I gave birth!! YES some days were hard, very hard and I wanted to throw it all away, especially with all of my family telling me to rest and I was being silly, blah blah blah. However being someone who likes to do things her way I never gave up. I gained 6 kilos throughout my pregnancy and had an easy 2 hour birth (due to being fit and healthy) but more importantly my 6 kilos was gone within 10 days and I was back training within 3 weeks of giving birth. My abs have never been as strong, my recovery from the birth was incredible and I felt alive and proud of my achievements. Ladies don’t throw it all away because you have a little baby in there, put yourself in the hands of the boys and trust them because they truly are very professional and very knowledgeable trainers and I thank them from the bottom of my heart!!!
Kate , UB Personal Training
“I used to be out of breath just walking to the mailbox! I cant believe that i now look forward to coming to the gym & am now fitter in my 30’s than i have ever been” Kate
Colin , UB Personal Training
UB Personal Training is not personal training...it is "personalized" training.   Tony ,Josh and the team provided an unrivalled service that generated results and motivation through education and their commitment to my goals.   I was given advice on a training and nutritional plan that suits me and my lifestyle.   I have so far dropped 5kgs (81 to 76Kgs) and reduced my body fat by almost 9 percent (28.8 % to 20%).I have also gone from 36" to 32" waist pants. All in 12 weeks !   Thanks to UB ,I now have the knowledge and motivation to keep it going …… and a beach body to boot !   Cheers   Col



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