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460 Sydney Road, Balgowlah NSW 2093

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Business Overview

Vision Personal Training was started by people who knew how difficult it was to provide truly personal service at a large commercial gym.


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Please note that the following testimonials are collected, supplied and maintained by Vision Personal Training.

Kacey ,
I can now go shopping and fit into a size 12 rather than a size 20 Even the smallest of tasks such as walking up the stairs each morning at work left me completely out of breath I had little to no confidence and hated the way that I looked and hated myself for letting my weight and health get so out of control.
Paul Zydenbos ,
I am now a Vision Personal Trainer I felt sick, I knew I had to lose weight fast. Within 3 weeks of joining Vision I was sleeping better and waking up feeling revitalised. After 3 months of hard yakka and the constant support of Nicholas and the team at Vision Willoughby I had lost 32kg.
Melanie Wilbraham ,
I lost my dumpy body and found a new sexy me. Now I catch a glimpse in the mirror and appreciate what I see instead of turning away in shame.
Sam Mayer ,
I made a conscious decision that I was going to succeed. Exercise went from being a struggle to being a part of the day I looked forward to

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the services a new franchisee receives from Vision before a studio opens?

Determining a good location is so important therefore, Vision will select a site or assist in the selection process if you have in mind a location that is acceptable.

• After site selection, the lease is negotiated and signed by the franchisee.

• Design and construction services may be provided by Vision for the location.

• Vision also selects key fixtures and equipment.

Is there a training program? And if so, what type of training will I receive?

Yes. Upon acceptance of your franchise agreement and prior to your studio opening, you will receive comprehensive training through our Franchise Induction training process. This informative and intensive process covers every aspect of operations including staff training operations, administration procedures, accounting and wages procedures and product knowledge.

Training takes place at our head office and on-site for hands-on experience. During the induction training, you will receive our confidential Franchise Manual, Sales Manual, Appointments and OH&S Manual and Trainer Manual - your complete guides to studio operations.

Is there a marketing fee and, if so, what type of advertising and promotional support will I receive?

Yes Franchisess participate in an Advertising and Promotion Program. The fund is earmarked for studio advertising and other marketing services.

How much is the service fee and what do I receive for my service fees?

The royalty fee is a flat fee payable on a monthly basis. A flat fee provides a great incentive for Franchisees to profit handsomely from their studios, once they build a steady client base. The flat fee is based on a sliding scale also to enable Franchisees build positive cash flow and profits quickly.

The royalty fee covers a wide variety of management assistance and operational services provided by Vision,

How much is a Vision franchise?

The all inclusive investment of a franchise ranges from $250,000 to $300,000. This includes leasing, studio fit-out, equipment, training fees and all other fees and charges. When compared to most other popular franchises, this is a very cost effective opportunity.

What other services do the studios offer?

Vision offers an exclusive membership service available only to clients who train with a Personal trainer at least once per week. That way, our clients are available to be guided by a Personal Trainer, and share in the benefits of being able to workout by themselves in an intimate, non-threatening and non-crowded environment.

What services does a Vision studio offer?

Vision provides a one-on-one Personal Training services via half or one hour session times, catering for clients with fat loss, fitness, toning, strength and muscle gain goals. Vision provides a unique holistic approach to each client's health and well being through our personal training programs. We use our own custom built exercise and nutrition software program that is recognized globally for its ability to help clients achieve results quickly and maintain them long-term.

Why choose you over normal Gyms?

The Personal Training client is willing to pay for exceptional personal fitness training services, which offer guaranteed results. Compared to gyms, the finest Personal Training studios offer a personalized, crowd free, boutique environment.

Why are Personal Training studios so popular?

he growth of Personal Training studios has primarily been due to the need for personal fitness and health facilities that focus on results. Many people feel disillusioned about joining big gyms and not receiving personalized attention. Further, most big gyms are intimidating and overcrowded, whereas, most Personal Training studios are intimate; places where clients find a personal trainer and feel special.

How long have you been in business?

Vision has been operating since August 1999 and the first Vision studio was opened in Caringbah, Sydney in February 2001. We have been franchising since July 2004.



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